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your mother is not here

With 'your mother is not here,' Coco Kneepkens explores the coastline through images she captured over a period of five years while surfing and grieving. In her work, she investigates the friction between these seemingly different worlds: surfing and mourning. Kneepkens sheds light on the complex and evolving relationship between herself, the coastal landscape, and the lives of the people who live and pass through it. The series represents an exploration of finding and losing, youth and intimacy, body and landscape, and the changing state of both humans and the sea.


The work provides insight into how personal experiences have influenced the photographer's perspective and how she learned to reposition herself in relation to her immediate surroundings, beauty, and happiness, against the backdrop of the sea.

72 pages

43 full colour images

17 x 24 cm


offset printed

self published

edition of 100

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